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Artha Asia is a complete service of Agricultural Commodities sourcing & Trading Company.


We deal wide Range of commodity products domestically and internationally throughout Asia.

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About us

  • Artha Asia deals with the world’s leading agricultural processors serving our diverse group of customers efficiently and profitably. We operate one of the world’s distinct and customized crop origination and transportation network, connecting crops in different origins and markets primarily in Asia and elsewhere.

Our Mission

  • Artha Asia act as the procurement agent of industrial users and producers of agricultural commodities. We work closely with a limited number of clients, adding value to our long-term commercial relationship. Our commitment is to defend your interests in the procurement, sourcing and export of commodities, by providing best-of-its kind analysis of world markets, and trading advice that safeguard your business as if it were our own. We also mitigate all other risks related to the supply chain, by ensuring excellent contract execution, competitive and timely transportation and logistics up to the final destination.

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PT Asad Artha Asia

Serpong, South Tangerang

Banten Indonesia



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