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DRIP Line 




Our extensive range of drip irrigation solutions features integrated emitters (drip tape) and molded emitters (drip line), along with pressure compensated, no-drain and anti-siphon models.
Built to the highest standards of engineering and quality control, our drip line and drip tape ensure maximum resistance to clogging, maximum uniformity and maximum yield at harvest.

Drip Tapes


T-Tape & T-tapes Drip Tape

The best water application with better crop uniformity due to close dripper spacing at no extra cost. T-Tape has the best strength by far with a double seam which means double the strength. And with the best clogging resistance with extra long filtration area and up to 211 inlets per dripper means if in the event one fails then there are am-ple to take its place. It also has the most configurations and is able to provide exactly what you need for your unique application.

Ro-Drip Drip Tape

Drip tape with a unique expanding vortex flow path labyrinth that expands with increased pressure for easy cleaning. If you are new to drip irrigation, or have very poor quality water, Ro-Drip is the answer.

Thin Wall Drip Lines


D900 Drip Line

Top performance thin wall drip line that maximizes run lengths. Your solution for single season crops.
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D1000 Drip Line

The world's first thin wall molded emitter with ActiveFlexTM, and a slit outlet to prevent soil ingestion at shut-off in shallow burial applications.

D1500 Drip Line

Flexible drip line with thin wall options for single season crops and thicker wall options for multi-season crops. D1500 features outstanding clogging resistance due to its extra-large flow path design.
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Hydrodrip Drip Line

The ideal solution for multi-season crops with 10 - 25 mil wall thickness.

Eolos Compact Drip Line

Maximize your run length with a high performing thin wall drip line. Ideal for single season crops.
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Medium / Heavy Wall Drip Lines


D2000 Drip Line

One of our newest drippers, D2000 is a large dripper and features a dual-directional inlet filter designed specifically for a medium-heavy wall drip line.

Hydrogol Drip Line

Robust cylindrical dripper suitable for the harshest of conditions in multi-season horticulture, landscape and mining.
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R2000 Drip Line

Heavy wall cylindrical dripper with 4 outlets in every dripper. Perfect for multi-season use
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GR Drip Line

With an extra-large cylindrical dripper, this drip line has been trusted by growers for over 35 years.
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NGR Drip Line

Cylindrical dripper with 4 outlets per dripper. Perfect for multi-season use.
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PC Drip Lines


D5000 PC/AS/ND Drip Line

The greatest drip line on earth, and under it. The Rivulis D5000 PC sets a new standard in drip line technology. Rivulis D5000 PC is the drip line to choose if you’re in the business of growing great crops. Multiple options: PC for uniform flow over sloping grown, AS for added anti-siphon protection, ND (no-drain) for pulse irrigation, and CX with copper oxide - a safe and hassle-free solution to reduce root intrusion in subsurface drip applications.

Hydro PC/PCND Drip Line

Built to Last. Over 25 years and 1,300,000,000 meters sold. Over 25 years ago, Rivulis Hydro PC set the standard for reliability. Over one billion meters later it still does. The PC mechanism ensures uniform flow over sloping ground and the PCND option enables pulse irrigation. Trust the Rivulis Hydro PC range of products for long-term horticultural applications including orchards, vineyards and greenhouses.

D4500 PC/AS Drip Line

Ensure crop uniformity over a wide range of conditions with this flow regulating drip line. For use with multi-season vegetables, orchards and vineyards on sloping ground or where extra-long run lengths are required. Available with an anti-siphon option for sandy conditions where soil-suck back is a risk.
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R5000 PC Drip Line

The latest innovation of cylindrical PC drip line developed through the synergistic expertise of Israel and Greece engineering teams. The result, the next generation of PC cylindrical dripers that delivers consistent flows despite sloping ground or very long run lengths.
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PC2 Drip Line

Dependable cylindrical PC drip line for uniform flows for a wide range of multi-season applications.
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Available in: Bangladesh, China (中国), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, 
Russia (Россия), Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey (Türkiye), Vietnam

Artha Asia Agriculture will deliver your project products to your door with with our team of experts guide & papers , Import or export duties and tax not applies if you purchasing product within countries mentioned above, 

Drip irrigation materials available for Project base or for resell in counties mentioned above, 

If you are new in drip irrigation projects Our teams of experts will assist you with complete guidelines and visit your project if necessary

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