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Fertigation and Automation

Harness that power of fertigation – applying fertilizers directly into your irrigation system. Delivering better agronomic results, and with less labor, we have a fertigation solution to meet your unique needs. What you need will depend on the number of fertilizers to be applied, the required fertilizer injection flow rate, and whether you need a bypass system, or a system with its own tank. Ranging from basic fertigation equipment such as venturi injection, to advanced automated fertigation injection systems, our solutions cover all fertigation needs for all types of crops.

Fertigation and Automation

Drip Tapes


Automated fertigation injection systems

The ultimate tool for precision fertigation. Giving you the ability to accurately deliver nutrients and control pH for optimal plant growth.

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Fertilizer tanks and venturis

Venturi injectors and fertilizer tanks for easy and efficient fertilizer application.

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Available in: Bangladesh, China (中国), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, 

Russia (Россия), Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey (Türkiye), Vietnam

Drip irrigation materials available for Project base or for resell in counties mentioned above, 

If you are new in drip irrigation projects Our teams of experts will assist you with complete guidelines and visit your project if necessary

Artha Asia Agriculture will deliver your project products to your door with with our team of experts guide & papers , Import or export duties and tax not applies if you purchasing product within countries mentioned above, 

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