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Online Drip

Drip irrigation system

Online Dripper's

With over 40 online dripper combinations, we have you covered with the most comprehensive range of drippers available including variable flow rates, outlet options and Pressure Compensating and Non-Drip (PC/PCND) combinations.
Our solutions cover in-field online drippers to the most advanced soilless system needs and are ideal for intensive agriculture, greenhouse and in-field applications.

Online Dripper's

Drip Tapes


E1000 Online Dripper


An online dripper with easy to open, take-apart body for easy cleaning. Use in-field or connect to tubing and pegs for soilless applications. Great for organic applications where dripper clogging is a major challenge. The take-apart dripper enables easy removal of organic fertilizer residue.
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Katif PC Online Dripper

A pressure compensated online dripper for in-field applications. Through advanced engineering, the Katif PC is one of the smallest PC drippers in the world, providing a compact profile to help protect from damage.
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Supertif PC/PCND Online Dripper

The most advanced online dripper with 25 different configurations of flow rates, outlets, pressure compensating and no-drain features, for maximum performance and flexibility. Ideal for intensive horticulture, greenhouse and soilless applications, including advanced pulse irrigation systems where precise opening and sealing pressures are required.
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Corona PC/PCND Online Dripper

Dependable online drippers in both PC and PCND models with a self-flushing mechanism. Ideal for greenhouses, nurseries and in-field applications. PCND provides a no-drain sealing mechanism for pulse irrigation.
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Dripper Accessories

Pegs, tubing, tools and adaptors for greenhouse and soilless applications.
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Available in: Bangladesh, China (中国), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, 
Russia (Россия), Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey (Türkiye), Vietnam

Drip irrigation materials available for Project base or for resell in counties mentioned above, 

If you are new in drip irrigation projects Our teams of experts will assist you with complete guidelines and visit your project if necessary

Artha Asia Agriculture will deliver your project products to your door with with our team of experts guide & papers , Import or export duties and tax not applies if you purchasing product within countries mentioned above, 

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