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Drip Irrigation layflats, Irrigation Pipes, Drip Irrigation Pipes


When you need a versatile and durable way to transfer water from your submain to your field, we have your irrigation system needs covered with our layflat, hoses, tubing and pipe engineered with the latest technology.
Our newest addition, the revolutionary Rivulis H6000 PE layflat, has outlets directly mold injected into the layflat leading to a longer product life, no leakage and easy and fast installation.

Drip Tapes


H5000 Layflat

The top choice layflat, available in standard and high pressure models.
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H6000 PE Layflat

Advanced layflat technology with pre-installed outlets for durability and easy installation in field. USA and Turkey - H6500 PE is available.
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H6500 PE Layflat

New seamless pipe construction technology. Pre-installed outlets for durability and easy installation in field, and no seam. Available in USA and Turkey.
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Max-Flat Layflat

Manufactured from premium polyethylene resin.
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Available in: Bangladesh, China (中国), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, 
Russia (Россия), Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey (Türkiye), Vietnam

Drip irrigation materials available for Project base or for resell in counties mentioned above, 

If you are new in drip irrigation projects Our teams of experts will assist you with complete guidelines and visit your project if necessary

Artha Asia Agriculture will deliver your project products to your door with with our team of experts guide & papers , Import or export duties and tax not applies if you purchasing product within countries mentioned above, 

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