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Ragnar R70 Tractor: A Comprehensive Review of its Features, Configurations and Benefits

The R70 tractor from Ragnar Machinery is a versatile and efficient machine designed for agricultural use. The tractor features a four-cylinder common-rail diesel engine that produces 70 horsepower and a maximum torque of 265 N•m. The engine provides excellent fuel economy and reliability, thanks to its high-pressure common rail system and direct and multiple fuel injection.

The R70 tractor also offers a full hydraulic steering system and a hanging clutch pedal that make it easy to operate and maneuver. The tractor comes equipped with a 12x12 shuttle shift, which enables smooth shifting and easy operation. The speed ranges for each gear have been fine-tuned to make the tractor suitable for a variety of applications, such as rotary tillage, beating, and hay baling.

The enhanced front axle provides great flexibility, with a large turning angle and a small turning radius. The tractor also comes with a Category II three-point hitch that conforms to international standards and is compatible with a wide range of implements. The enhanced lift arm and quick hitch improve the overall strength of the tractor, and its minimum ground clearance of 415 mm and minimum turning radius of 4.2 m ensure excellent passability.

In terms of braking, the R70 tractor comes with a single disc mechanical brake as standard. An optional service brake is also available. The tractor also has a reliable pin-type differential lock and a fuel tank capacity of 93 liters. The front tires are 8.3-24 and 11-32, while the rear tires are 11-32. The tractor weighs between 2805 kg and 2910 kg, depending on whether it is equipped with a ROPS or a cab.

For even greater efficiency and ease of use, the R70 tractor can also be equipped with an optional FJD Autosteering Kit, which enables auto driving along a planned route. The tractor is also available with a ROPS cab with air conditioning. With its impressive features and configurations, the R70 tractor from Ragnar Machinery is a top choice for farmers and agricultural workers who want a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable machine for their work.

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