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Drip irrigation sprinklers

Irrigation Sprinklers & Jets Sprayers

We offer a wide range of sprinklers and jets that deliver performance season after season with great yields, consistent quality and crop production efficiencies.
Our solutions range from sprinklers for open field vegetable, orchard production and frost protection, to foggers and misters for greenhouse production and everything in between.

Irrigation Sprinklers & Jets Sprayers

Drip Tapes


S2000 PC Micro Sprinkler


The award winning S2000 micro sprinkler features a unique easy take-apart body for easy maintenance, low trajectory to prevent fruit damage, wear-resistant movement, and a pressure compensation option for uniform flow rates on sloping ground. Anti-insect protection is standard on all models. The perfect solution if looking for reliable micro sprinkler irrigation for vegetables and orchards. Also suitable for frost protection.
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Rondo/RFR Micro Sprinkler

Trusted micro sprinkler suited for a wide range of applications including the classic Rondo for vegetable and orchard irrigation, RFR for pressure compensation on sloping ground, and the inverted Rondo for greenhouses and nurseries. Also suitable for frost protection.
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Super XL Sprinkler

Medium size sprinkler that delivers a continuous stream via a silicon drive mechanism. A great solution for nursery irrigation, frost protection, vegetables or any application where you need a larger diameter spray with excellent uniformity, even in windy conditions.
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S5000 & S6000 Sprinkler

There are many plastic impact sprinklers on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Experience the quality and multi-season reliability of the S5000 & S6000 range of plastic impact sprinklers with 1/2" (standard) and 3/4" (high-flow) inlet options. Perfect for vegetables. Partial circle S5000 also available.
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Rondo Mist Sprayer

A mister that delivers a fine mist of 150 micron water droplets for germination in greenhouses.
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Tornado Ray Jet Sprayer


A jet sprayer with no moving parts. The vortex flow chamber delivers the best clogging prevention in hard water conditions. Provides flexibility for different applications, including inverted positioning for young trees in orchards, and upright for mature trees and for a larger wetting diameter.
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FLF Fogger


Foggers to manage humidity and temperature in your greenhouse environment.
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Jet+ Sprayer

High performance jet for orchards with built-in anti-insect protection.
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JFR Jet Sprayer

The most advanced jet sprayer for orchards with both pressure compensation and anti-insect built in. Pressure compensation provides uniform flow over sloping ground and long rows.
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Sprinkler & Jet Accessories

Stakes, meteor adaptors, tubing and spare parts to complete your system.
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Available in: Bangladesh, China (中国), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, 

Russia (Россия), Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey (Türkiye), Vietnam

Drip irrigation materials available for Project base or for resell in counties mentioned above, 

If you are new in drip irrigation projects Our teams of experts will assist you with complete guidelines and visit your project if necessary

Artha Asia Agriculture will deliver your project products to your door with with our team of experts guide & papers , Import or export duties and tax not applies if you purchasing product within countries mentioned above, 

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