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legitimate Suppliers

Supplier Qualification

Artha Asia Supply Management Division constantly conduct research to make ease of Import/Export Business for small medium and new Manufactures/Traders/Farmers and Individual Agents, All suppliers has to qualified by Register and submitting Qualification form,    

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Free Supplier Support

Artha Asia also offer free support to understand and execute Secure Payments, Inspections, Quality & Quantity control, Insurance, and Shipping process for new Suppliers in Business, 

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Who can be our Supplier?

Anyone with following category can be our supplier (Agriculture Commodities)

  • Human and Animal fit to consume products,

  • Agriculture relate machinery and equipments,

  • Agri textile cotton, wool etc,

  • Organic/inorganic pesticide and fertilisers,

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How to be our Qualified supplier?

Signup on Artha Asia website

Our SMD will review your request and approve or decline your request. If your qualification request is approved continue by following Login go to supplier panel - Supplier Registration choose your category 

  • Fill Supplier Registration form and submit, And you DONE

Now you can send us your Product offers on our online supplier offer form.​

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